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The Great Pig Chase

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN A PIG?!” I shouted at my husband as he shoved his foot into his running shoe, tore off across the lawn and hurdled himself over the barbed wire fence and into the empty pasture that separated our home from the busy interstate.  I grabbed my phone and flicked on the video as I hobbled after him in my flip flops.

…Let me back up…

This past Sunday, as my kids were choking down the special “sausage-butterfly” lunch that my culinary genius of a husband fixed them (please, don’t ask), our dogs started to go absolutely berserk in their kennel. They have done this a few times, and I have never been able to see what the heck they are barking at. They just begin wildly barking, jumping, and staring out into the huge EMPTY pasture adjacent to out house.  This time, my husband was home, so I hollered at him to go see what they were going off about. I knew that it HAD to be an animal. Well, I prayed that it WAS an animal, cause if it was a person, they would have some explaining to do!

I looked in the direction that the husband was jogging out towards, and sure enough, I see a little piggy trying her darnedest to ram the fence that was the last barrier between her and 80MPH semi-trucks. WHAT IN THE WORLD!?? Luckily, he was able to flush her towards me, and we then spent the next 15-20 minutes chasing her around our property and our neighbors. My 10 year-old son, husband, and I were able to corner her, and then I took a chance and leapt!  The husband took over, and once she calmed down, scooped her up and trotted her down to our barn, where we set up a temporary pen next to our goats. Who, I might add, did NOT find any humor in sharing their barn. Well, mostly the grain that I gave the pig- the goats are kinda possessive over their grains.

I jumped into the van and started going door-to-door looking for the owners of this cold, scared, and hungry little girl. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able, at the time, to locate anyone, but about an hour later we found them! She had been missing all morning, and they had been searching high and low, but never anticipated she would have traveled so far. This little piggy went WAY past the market when she should have just stayed home!

The lesson we learned this day is a simple one… Don’t wear flip flops when you chase pigs.
Wanna see it all unravel??

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