Who doesn’t love walking into a house that smells like fresh bread just came out of the oven? No body. Every one loves it. It’s a scientific fact. Google it.  It’s also said that the smell can make people nicer.

2018 is the year of bread for me. Yeah, I’ll probably gain the weight that I’m supposed to be losing this year, but who really keeps track of that nonsense? AMIRIGHT? I’m sure my family is going to get tired of the flour all over the kitchen, and I’ll be replacing the batteries in the smoke detectors (or removing them…) more often than normal. BUT WE WILL HAVE BREAD!
The brand of bread that we have been buying for the past 5 years has 28 ingredients, half of which I cannot pronounce correctly on my first attempt, and most of which I have zero knowledge even existed before I read the plastic package. My first loaf of bread had 7: water, flour, sugar, egg, honey, oil, yeast, and salt (I used this recipe). I’m sure I can get fancier, but baby steps. mmmkay?

Today, I ventured a little further out of my comfortable baking box, and decided to bravely begin a sourdough starter… it’s a 5 day process, so I still have plenty of time to blow it.  Don’t worry,  I’ll let you know! 


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