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The Purple Tent

 259200 seconds = 4320 minutes = 72 hours = 3 days                                                       UNTIL ... My birthday. I'm not a huge birthday person, but I have to get something off my chest… Continue reading The Purple Tent


Kids These Days: why is life so hard?

tl;dr: my kids don't eat veggies, and it's all my fault because they each have an ipad. I'm gonna start off on a nostalgic foot here, so strap onyour Doc Marten sandals, chunky, bright-white soled Sketchers, Nike-Airs, Keds, Jellies or  Converse All-Stars (or whatever off brand the discount shoe store had on sale that month),… Continue reading Kids These Days: why is life so hard?

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The Great Pig Chase

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN A PIG?!" I shouted at my husband as he shoved his foot into his running shoe, tore off across the lawn and hurdled himself over the barbed wire fence and into the empty pasture that separated our home from the busy interstate.  I grabbed my phone and flicked on the video as… Continue reading The Great Pig Chase

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Deciding to Homeschool…

6:30am- ALARM! *snooze* 6:45am-**AALLAARRMM** Ugh. FINE. The floor is cold. I can't find my pants anywhere, why do I have to ALWAYS wear pants? Leg prisons. Stupid morning. 6:50am- Coffee. 7:00am- Wake the Kids Up 7:05am- Wake the Kids up AGAIN 7:10am- Cook a classic breakfast: pancakes, eggs, bacon, and fresh squeezed OJ  Put a… Continue reading Deciding to Homeschool…

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the seed

You know  that feeling when it's mid winter, and you are craving a garden fresh cucumber? You get all excited and look out the frosted window towards the spot where your garden is, or will be come spring, and then get slapped in the face with reality. You don't have any cucumbers growing, because it's… Continue reading the seed