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November 18th, 2017
We have lived out of the city for a grand total of 20 days.  I have battled dirt, spiders, goat-heads, flies, stubbed toes, an internet dry-spell, numerous cardboard boxes, spiders, two dogs that refused to be contained, a new furnace, and a few more spiders.  I have cried more tears that I can count (happy, sad, frustrated, overwhelmed, angry and maybe a couple from fits of laughter) and stolen hugs from my children as often as they would let me. These 20 days have felt like an eternity, yet it is zooming past faster than a bolt of lightening.

Amidst the moving frenzy, my eldest daughter is turning 4 in a few days, and when asked what she wanted for her birthday, she promptly answered, “a goat. Mom, you know that already.” My mistake.  Of course, how could I forget about Douglas, her mountain mail goat (click here to read and watch Tyler’s goat story . ). Jokingly, I brought this up to my husband and his parents, and they said “okay.”

Wait- is this real?

Oh, Yeah.  So, for the past 2 weeks I have been researching, reading, facebooking, internetting, and boarder-line obsessing over the prospect of owning goats, and -LET ME TELL YOU- there is an entire world of information that I had no idea even existed! I could go into extreme detail with everything that I learned, and tell you all about my opinions. And you know, what, I will… but not today.
Through the wonders of facebook, I have “met” a handful of really great goaty people, and guys. I’M GONNA BE A GOAT LADY! Yeah, That’s right! for Tyler’s 4th birthday we are going to pick up 3 Nigerian Dwarf goats!  1 doe, 1 buck, and a wether (castrated male). I still haven’t told Tyler yet… She’s gonna be Over the Goaty Moon!!

November 20th, 2017

TODAY IS THE DAY! We picked up the new additions to the Askew clan! The girls were go excited, but who can blame them? I mean… GOATS!
Meet Chantilly, Vincent, Steeve

AND! Douglas…

The neighbor across the lane from our home, brought over a 4th goat JUST for Tyler! SHE is a 7mo Boer and is the goat of Tyler’s mail carrier dreams. She has already planned their delivery route and is designing the perfect goat mail bag.




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